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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employees or family members may seek services from our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider, Alliance Work Partners, by contacting them anytime (including holidays) at the 24-hour toll-free number, 1-800-343-3822 or through their website

To create an account with the EAP follow these steps:

  1. Click on the EAP website
  2. Enter registration code AWP-TXDMV-3070

Event Registration

Nutrition 101 |  08/10/2022 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm |  08/18/2022 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Webinar Recording Now Available

compliments of Alliance Work Partners

Finding Balance (June 8, 2022)

Staying Motivated on the Job (April 13, 2022)

Mental Health Awareness (March 9, 2022)

Conquering the Fear of Failure (February 9, 2022)

Effective Leadership (January 19, 2022)

Plan Your Way To Wellness (January 12, 2022)

Maintaining Good Nutrition During the Holidays (November 10th, 2021)

Talking to Your Kids About Internet Safety & Cyberbullying (October 13th, 2021)

July 2022 Publications

Working Solutions English | Spanish

Balanced Living English | Spanish

Wellness News English | Spanish

Benefit Spotlight: Planning for the Future
Anatomy of a Simple Will: English | Spanish
Estate Planning for Everyone: English | Spanish

Lifestyle Tip Sheet: Benefits of Vacation Time English | Spanish

Preparedness & Response: Wildfire Preparedness English

Hurricane Season Continues English | Spanish

... here for you as life happens: Summertime & Your EAP English | Spanish

Previous Months' EAP Content

Working Safe at TxDMV

Incident prevention and efficient, productive work go hand-in-hand. The TxDMV is committed to a safe and healthy working environment and ensuring a "safety first" culture. Find out more information at our Safety section of Administrative Services and in our Safety Manual.

Mail Deadlines

Information on Mailroom and Shipping dealines is available in this document.

Agency Directory

Wondering how to reach someone who got a new phone? Find everyone's phone numbers in the link above.

Please see our FAQ for more information about myDMV.

Employee Central


Report eFraud

Instructions on how to report eFraud, such as suspicious email or text messages, phishing attempts, etc.

New Employees

Information Security Manual

TxDMV has policies in place to keep the agency's information secure. Follow these policies to help protect our assets from unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or destruction.

New Employees

Human Resources Manual

Accessible and relevant Human Resources policies, for every employee in the agency.

Benefits & Compensation

Holidays and Leave

State holiday schedule, including skeleton crew and optional holidays.

FY 2022 FY 2023

Benefits & Compensation

Service Awards

In honor of your commitment to TxDMV, these awards are given in recognition of continued employment with the state of Texas.

Benefits & Compensation

FMLA Employee Guide

Guide to the Family and Medical Leave Act, published by the US Department of Labor. Unpaid, job-protected leave when you or your parent/spouse/child is experiencing a serious health condition.

Benefits & Compensation

Tuition Assistance

Support for employees pursuing a college education, in the form of reimbursement for qualifying tuition costs.

Health & Safety

ERS Wellness Programs

A full menu of scientifically based health and wellness programs, offered by the Texas Employees Group Benefits Program.

Benefits and Compensation

Discount Purchase Program

The Discount Purchase Program is a place Texas Employees Group Benefits Program (GBP) participants can find discounts and special services offered by other companies.

Health & Safety


Employee Assistance Program. Provides counseling for employees and their immediate family members, for a variety of issues.

Health & Safety


State Office of Risk Management. Administers insurance services obtained by TxDMV and other state agencies.


Veteran Liaison

We appreciate your service to our country and are proud to be able to provide assistance with the job application process for positions at the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

Hiring Procedures

State Salary Schedules

Minimum and maximum salary rates for all state employees are set by the Legislature. Rates are defined by a combination of your salary schedule and salary group.

Benefits and Compensation

Texa$aver Program

Texa$aver 401(k)/457 Program Information

Affordable Legal Assistance

Texas Legal

Affordable legal assistance offered by Texas Legal.




Understanding the Ethics Policy

Policy Purpose: A successful agency must take every effort to create trust and credibility amongst its employees, customers and shareholders. We build credibility by committing to our mission and values, and by creating a fair and equitable workplace that adheres to the utmost of integrity and ethical conduct.

Covid-19 Face Covering Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide employees that are present onsite at any TxDMV location or are performing their job duties at a location other than their home with clear expectations during a pandemic regarding the use of face coverings, requirements to maintain social distancing, and requirements to stay home if employees are ill.

Telecommuting Policy

To allow employees to participate in telecommuting at the department to encourage employee recruitment and retention, benefitting the department, customers and employees, as appropriate..

Review Additional TxDMV Policies

About Us

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) is a dynamic state agency dedicated to customer service, consumer protection and the success of motor vehicle-related industries.

Our mission is

"to serve, protect and advance the citizens and industries in the state with quality motor vehicle related services."

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) was created during the 81st session of the Texas Legislature (House Bill 3097) in 2009. TxDMV became officially operational on November 1, 2009, taking some functions previously held by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

The TxDMV is overseen by a nine member, governor-appointed board that is the agency's policy-making arm. Daily operations are overseen by the agency's executive director.

Each year, TxDMV registers over 24 million vehicles, regulates vehicles dealers, credentials buses and big trucks for intrastate and interstate commerce, issues oversize and overweight permits, and awards grants to law enforcement agencies to reduce vehicle burglaries and thefts. In addition, TxDMV is one of only a handful of state agencies that raises revenue for the state. For every $1 the agency spends, it returns more than $10 in state revenue. These funds are primarily used to build and maintain the state’s roads and bridges.


Administrative Hearings

Presides over and makes decisions in "Lemon Law" and warranty cases.

Civil Rights

Information and resources on discrimination in the workplace.

Consumer Relations

Serves customers (motoring public, dealers, dealer associations, etc.) annually through telephone, email, & mail correspondence. Also maintains an agency-wide database to track consumer complaints, resolutions, compliments and suggestions.


Investigates complaints against licensees in the industries regulated by the department and, when appropriate, files administrative charges alleging violations of the laws we enforce. Identifies and recommends best practices to assist Tax Assessor-Collector offices and TxDMV Regional Service Centers.


Oversees the agency's day-to-day operations. Directs staff to make changes based on laws enacted by the state legislature and implements policies and rules approved by the agency board.

Finance and Administrative Services

FAS oversees the development of the agency's strategic plan, biennial appropriations requests, the annual operating budget, and quarterly performance reports. Coordinates building and mail services, fleet management, license plate manufacturing, security, agency inventory, county supply allocations, safety and risk management, etc.

Office of General Counsel

Provides legal support to the Texas DMV staff and Board on rulemaking, statutory and regulatory interpretation, litigation, human resources, contracts, intellectual property, Board meeting planning and execution, and records issues.

Government and Strategic Communications

GSC facilitates, coordinates and maintains TxDMV's interactions with the federal, state and local government. Develops and executes communications strategies in support of the divisions so that stakeholders receive accurate and consistent information about the agency's strategic plan.

Human Resources

Talent acquisition, on-boarding, benefits, employee relations, classification, compensation, service awards, wellness, organization development, employee training, HR information system end-user support, workforce planning and HR policy.

Information Technology Services

ITS maintains and supports the Department's major information systems and technologies. Performs Quality Assurance Testing of DMV software applications, Production Data Support, and Service Desk/Help Desk support for our customers across the state.

Internal Audit

Provides independent and objective assurance and consulting services to the agency. Conducts periodic audits of the agency's functions, operations, and information systems. Also offers advisory services, which may include advice and counsel, facilitation, and training.

Motor Carrier

MCD provides efficient, equitable and reliable motor carrier permitting, credentialing and fleet registration programs. Issues intrastate credentials, interstate apportioned registration credentials, and oversize / overweight permits. Manages multi-year fleet registration and token trailer registration. Maintains route restriction maps, and audits routes for accuracy and safety.

Motor Vehicle Crime Prevention Authority

MVCPA assesses the vehicle burglary, vehicle theft, and economic vehicle theft problems in Texas.

Motor Vehicle

MVD provides a stable and efficient customer-centric system for distributing and selling motor vehicles through the licensing and regulation of eleven license types for the motor vehicle and salvage industries doing business in Texas. Administers license protest and mediation programs; determines license eligibility; oversees vehicle shows and displays event participation; makes product and license determinations; processes certain enforcement orders; and issues and collects metal motor vehicle industry plates.

Vehicle Titles and Registration

VTR oversees the development of policies / procedures related to the registration and titling of vehicles and the management of vehicle records. Examines title applications for compliance, issues titles and salvage titles. Administers the specialty plates program. Issues temporary permits and registers motor carriers in the International Registration Plan. Provides support / training / oversight to Tax Assessor-Collectors.